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What Happens at Unified Stays at Unified- except your feedback.

UnifiedI won’t say who danced on the tables at the Ciatti party or who closed down the bar at the Sheraton last night.  As they say, what happens at the Unified Symposium, the largest annual gathering of the wine industry in the western hemisphere, stays at Unified.


Except your feedback.  We need it to learn which were the best sessions, to address any challenges that attendees may have had and most importantly to keep improving this very special and business-critical annual gathering.


I’m on the Unified Symposium Program Committee and we are tasked each year with choosing the topics, the panels and the speakers who will address our industry .  It’s a fiddly challenge because we’re peering into our crystal balls in June trying to figure out what the hot topics will be come January of the following year.  The themes and panel ideas have to be vetted, speakers, especially those coming from other countries, have to be invited early and of course the suppliers, the venue and all of the logistics have to be worked out.  It’s a year long process.


If you attended the Unified Symposium this year I ask that you please give us your feedback for the sessions you attended as well as the overall conference.  It’s only through your conversation with us, the organizers, that we can keep making this gathering of our peers the wonderful annual educational venue, trade show and yes, party, that it is.


Please fill out the survey here:

2015 Unified Symposium Session Surveys and Feedback Forms

Now go back to dancing on those tables.



Alison Crowe is an award-winning winemaker, author and blogger living in Napa, CA.  She is the Winemaker for Garnet Vineyards among other consulting projects and is the author of The Winemaker’s Answer Book. won “Best New Wine Blog” in the 2014 Wine Blog Awards.  She is a member of the Unified Symposium Program Committee which helps choose the Symposium’s speakers and panels  each year.

contact:  Twitter:  @alisoncrowewine  LinkedIn:  Alison Crowe 

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