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New Year’s Resolutions for Winemakers

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Are you a Winemaker or know someone who is? Is your local vintner wavering between between French or Hungarian oak, biodynamic or “natural” wine, ml or non-ML complete Viognier, Blue Bottle or Ritual Roasters and are otherwise in resolute need of some New Year’s resolutions to resolve?  Girl and the Grape is here to help.  Read on, friends of self-development, personal goal achievement and guilty wine app-downloading and peruse what will undoubtedly become the Top Winemaker Resolutions of 2015:


-I will not write inane back label copy.

-I will not let my marketing department write inane back label copy.

-I will refrain from swirling my latte.

-I will swallow my initial self-disgust at writing a tasting note that calls out “nuances of brioche”….because that’s exactly what it is.

-I will not get pissy when a wine blogger calls my” nuances of brioche” their “nuances of toast.”

-I will learn to love my distributors, wholesalers and sales reps.

-I will send my distributors, wholesalers and sales reps daily emoji stickers of smiley faces.

-I will not fire the intern for replacing the breakroom Blue Bottle whole bean with Starbucks from Safeway.

-I will fire the intern for replacing the breakroom four pack of Pliny with a six pack of Sam Adams.

-I will not take 3 star Delectable reviews personally.

-I will Instagram more pictures of the vineyard dog.

-I will refrain from three-burrito days and remember that taco trucks now come in other flavors.

-I will cultivate my “Happy Winemaker Face” when asked (again) when is it that I add the raspberry flavor to my wine.

-I will refrain from posting too many pictures of my new barrels on Facebook.

-I will install one more raptor box up by the wellhouse on top of block 15 and stop the vineyard sheep herd from chewing on the irrigation lines.

-I will finally get that last damn gopher.

-I will drink less coffee.

-I will drink more Champagne.


Got more?  What are your Winemaker Resolutions for 2015?  @alisoncrowewine


Alison Crowe is an award-winning winemaker, author and blogger living in Napa, CA.  She is the Winemaker for Garnet Vineyards among other consulting projects and is the author of The Winemaker’s Answer Book. won “Best New Wine Blog” in the 2014 Wine Blog Awards.  When she has time, she plays tennis, cooks for friends and family, writes the occasional wine article and cultivates a healthy sense of humility and humor.

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