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Harvest 2014: There’s a party at your place and EVERYONE is coming

One hopes Harvest is like a genteel, civilized cocktail party......

One hopes Harvest is like an epicurean cocktail party……well-paced and genteel.

Ever throw a casual cocktail party where you tell friends to just “drop on by anytime” after dinner and to “feel free to bring some people along”?  Ideally, a steady stream of pleasant company trickles through, keeping you entertained until you wave a fond “goodnight” to the last guests.  Your homemade canapés paired perfectly with the Champagne, all stemware made it safely back to the kitchen  and a satisfyingly genteel time was had by all.



For better or worse, the Harvest 2014 Party in California is shaping up to be less Martha Stewart and more Holly Golightly.  Everyone will show up early, the Sauvignon Blanc is going to invite the entire neighborhood  and the Cab and Syrah (now that’s an interesting couple) are going to be barging into the foyer just as the Pinot Noir is attempting to leave.   I took a quick drive around my north coast vineyards yesterday and after tasting through early-pickers like Alexander Valley Sauvignon Blanc and Carneros Pinot Noir as well as latecomers like  Napa Cab, all I can say is that Harvest 2014 is going to be one heck of a rager.

Harvest 2014 is gonna be a rager....

For better or worse, I predict Harvest 2014 is gonna be more like a rager at your BFF’s apartment….

Here’s the 411 on Harvest 2014:

-It’s Early: After walking through vineyards yesterday and looking through my Brix reports, I confirmed what I was guessing:  I am tracking a good week or two ahead of 2013, and two to three weeks earlier than average.   This is my tenth harvest working with my current slate of  vineyards from Napa, Sonoma and the Central Coast and this year will be my earliest pick ever.  Last year I started picking Sauvignon Blanc on September 2.  This year it will be August 20.

-It Ain’t Small: OK, maybe statewide it won’t be as big as 2013 but it won’t be wimpy either.  Depending on where you get your grapes be prepared for some healthy crops even though there seem to be hens and chicks and some pockets of mediocre set.  Different than last year:  big berries in some vineyards.  Clear the decks.

Brown seeds can be a sign of ripeness in certain vineyards.

Brown seeds can be a sign of ripeness in certain vineyards. Alexander Valley Sauvignon Blanc, almost ready to pick, about three weeks earlier than average.

-It’s Gonna be Fast:  A picture-perfect growing season and water at just the right times (late winter rains for the North Coast at least) have set up vascular systems and tissues into ideal ripening and sugar-accumulation mode.  Red varietals, like Oak Knoll Cabernet at our Red Hen vineyard for example, are already showing significant seed browning, berry softening and pyrazine reduction.  This means 2014 could be a banner year for those making lower-alcohol red wines but it will also mean the reds will be hard on the heels of the whites.  This is one gathering that’s going to have plenty of gate crashers, and they’re all going to be looking for some space to party.

-It’s Gonna be Awesome:  Luckily, even though it’s going to be early, fast, and sizeable, Harvest 2014 is shaping up to be a party to remember.  Quality across all AVA’s I’ve tasted is looking to be just as great as 2013 and possibly even better.  Lest you turn into a nervous host, remember that sometimes the most insane parties are the ones that get talked about for years afterwards.  So what if a little Riedel gets broken and you end up ordering pizza at 3:00 AM (no one will care it’s not Tra Vigne)?  Knock on lots of Tronçais, Mother Nature will not only continue to smile  indulgently upon us but will leave us the keys to the guest cottage and conveniently get out of town for the weekend.   Everybody in the pool….now where did I put those canapés?



“I’ll never get used to anything.  Anybody that does, they might as well be dead.”  -Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s



Alison Crowe is the Winemaker for Garnet Vineyards and other client projects.  She can be reached at and @alisoncrowewine.    Party on, everyone.

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