Winemaking. Life. The Dirt. Alison Crowe is the Winemaker at Garnet Vineyards.


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Alison Crowe, Winemaker

What’s This?

This is the blog of Alison Crowe, Winemaker for Garnet Vineyards.

So What’s Here?

The life of a winemaker, the science and art of winemaking, wine country living, recipes, wine myths demystified…. plus perhaps a little controversy, a sprinkling of wine biz gossip and hopefully lots of conversation!

No wine snobs, no marketing or PR suits, just real dirt from a real winemaker, unfined and unfiltered.

In addition to making wine, I also write about wine and winemaking.   My first ever wine writing gig was a consumer-focused wine column in the Davis Enterprise when I was a college student.  Since 1998, I’ve written the “Wine Wizard” technical Q&A column for WineMaker Magazine, I published The Wine Maker’s Answer Book in 2007 and still write the occasional article over at Wine Business Monthly.


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photo credit: Wilfred Wong